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Distance & Hybrid Learning


Distance and hybrid learning models bring incredible opportunities and experiences as they emerge as the “new normal”. With technology integration and digital collaboration on the forefront, maintaining my commitment to equitable, student-centered learning has been a great challenge. Community building, maintaining inclusivity, and teaching students digital citizenship skills are all topics that are emphasized during online learning.

I have been fortunate to gain first hand experiences in creating and implementing both distance and hybrid learning. Some of my online experiences thus far include teaching whole class and small group lessons via Zoom, creating interactive Google slide decks, utilizing Screencastify, and promoting student interaction through Seesaw, Nearpod, and FlipGrid. I miss being in the classroom with my students, but online learning has exposed our true strengths as teachers as being resilient and dedicated to student success as we take great measures to ensure student success during these unprecedented times. 

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21st Century Skills

Online Learning Tools

Technology has and always will be an integral part of education and it is imperative while preparing students for the 21st century! Today’s students are fortunate to have the opportunity to use technology to create and not just consume. Technology allows learning to be extended beyond the text, and beyond the classroom walls. I enjoy using programs such as Google Apps, Apple products, FlipGrid, Nearpod, EdPuzzle, Seesaw, and Classroom Dojo. Whether it be through distance learning or in person, technology will be a fundamental part of my students’ education, emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Third Graders use Adobe Spark to describe a hero in history

“Technology is the language today’s students speak.”
- Delzer, Kayla, Reimagining Classrooms TED Talk
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